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Shah Alam, the state capital of Selangor, may be a relatively small city with a population of around 650,000, but it holds a distinct charm that makes it well worth a visit. Here are five popular things to do in Shah Alam:

  1. Visit the Blue Mosque: Shah Alam is most renowned for the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, often referred to as the Blue Mosque. Constructed in 1988, this religious edifice stands as not only the largest mosque in Malaysia but also the largest in Southeast Asia, second only to Jakarta’s Istiqlal Mosque. Its name is derived from the colossal silver-blue dome adorning its central structure, flanked by four minaret-like towers, making it a striking symbol for the Muslim call to prayer. The mosque’s surroundings include the Garden of Islamic Arts, a vast 14-hectare park showcasing nine galleries featuring exquisite Islamic art, from sculptures and literature to calligraphy.

  2. Explore i-City: i-City is Shah Alam’s innovative 72-acre intelligent city, combining retail and commercial spaces with theme parks, shopping centers, entertainment venues, office buildings, hotels, and innovation hubs. Highlights of i-City include SnoWalk, a 50,000-square-foot arctic-themed attraction adorned with intricate ice sculptures, a Water World theme park, and a City Walk Space Mission simulation. What truly sets i-City apart is its mesmerizing nightly transformation into the ‘City of Digital Lights,’ thanks to millions of LED lights adorning trees and buildings, creating a breathtaking spectacle after sunset.

  3. Relax at Shah Alam Lake Gardens: The Shah Alam Lake Gardens is a serene haven spanning 43 hectares, featuring three artificial lakes where visitors can rent kayaks for a leisurely paddle. In addition to enjoying the lush greenery, the park is adjacent to the Wet World Shah Alam water theme park, complete with playgrounds and seafood restaurants, making it a popular destination for a relaxing family day out. The gardens are also ideal for family picnics, and visitors can explore attractions like the Shah Alam Gallery and the cultural center known as Laman Budaya located in the vicinity.

  4. Experience the Aviation Experience Flight Simulator: A unique attraction in Shah Alam, Aviax offers visitors the opportunity to experience flying an airplane in a realistic cockpit flight simulator. This thrilling adventure unfolds in an exact replica of a Boeing 737-800 plane, complete with a fully functional flight control system featuring numerous knobs and buttons. Participants can even take off or land at major airports around the world, making it an exciting experience for aviation enthusiasts.

  5. Shop at Sunway Pyramid: Sunway Pyramid is one of Malaysia’s most captivating and distinctive shopping malls, boasting an Egyptian-themed entertainment complex with an array of retail outlets, dining options, and entertainment choices spread across four districts: Fashion Central, Asian Avenue, Marrakesh, and Oasis Boulevard. Architecturally, the mall is a marvel to behold, shaped like a pyramid and guarded by a colossal sphinx at its entrance. Shoppers will find a vast selection of fashion accessories, clothing, gifts, IT products, jewelry, and home furnishings. Notably, Sunway Pyramid is home to Malaysia’s largest ice skating rink, offering additional entertainment for visitors.

In summary, Shah Alam may be a smaller city, but it possesses its own unique attractions and character, ensuring that every tourist can have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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